Why Use A Microchip Cat Flap?

Our impression of cats, especially our house pets, are similar to those of a sleeping beauty. But when awake, they are highly mobile and may roam around even outside the confines of your home. While the idea of restricting them inside the house is not good, allowing them to go outside is an integral part of taking care of your feline pet. But this does not mean that you are always there to open and close the door for them.

Installing a cat flap in your door could ease your burden of following and taking care of your pet cat. However, cat flap has its own downside like your pet neighbor and other wildlife coming inside your house without your knowledge.

If you are a cat owner, read along and know the reasons why you should use the microchip version of the cat flap. When purchasing one check out reviews for the best microchip cat flap for your house.

  • Selective and Controlled Entry

This is the most important reason why you should use a microchip cat flap. Depending on the brand and model, most units can control the entry and exit of your pet (in case you only have one) or pets if you have more. Some models can be programmed to control the mobility of up to 30 pets. What is best with a microchip cat flap is that it is not always open 24 hours where you can program the time of exit and entry of your pet. The trick lies with how you train your pet to use the device on the prescribed time.

  • Compatible with most Microchip Identification & RFID Collar Tags

Not all pets can have access to use a microchip cat flap. Your cat must be embedded first with a Microchip Identification that can be obtained with the services of a Veterinarian. In case you do not want a microchip embedded in your cat’s body, then you can opt for a collar that has a RFID tag. Both systems will work with the microchip cat flap. But still, we highly suggest that you read the manual for the product you choose forpurposes of microchip compatibility.

  • Battery Efficient and Safe

All Microchip Cat flaps are battery operated. But do not worry if you keep changing the batteries over time. Most models are battery efficient and can last up to a year of operation. In case the battery reaches a low-point, the unit will flash its battery indicator signaling you that it’s time to change the battery.

  • Easy to Install

If you do not have a cat flap, the microchip version can easily be set-up to any door or window of your choice. In case you have an existing cat flap, you do not need to install a new one for the microchip version. In fact, most models have fittings that can easily be inserted and installed in to your existing cat flaps.

Having a microchip cat flap doesn’t just ensure your pet cat from any wild intruders plus the reduced possibility of escaping. It will also give you a peace of mind knowing what time your cat should play outside and what time it should be back inside the house. And ultimately, you will be spared from repeatedly shouting “Garfield, where are you?”